Sometimes  employers fail to follow or respect our Collective Agreements and the law. When this happens, members can file a grievance to get the problem rectified.

There are different kinds of grievances. Here are some examples:

  • Discharged, suspended, reprimanded me without just cause.
  • Failed to take immediate action to correct improper and unsafe working conditions.
  • Improperly classified me at a lower rate.
  • Improperly failed to promote / transfer me to the posted job.
  • Improperly (laid me off, failed to recall me) in accordance with my seniority.
  • Failed to pay me the correct amount of my (regular pay, holiday pay, vacation pay, overtime pay, or other).

Currently, some sites have trained stewards who can file grievances. Other sites need to contact a Union rep at the office in order to have a grievance form filled out.

In either case, it is very helpful for members to provide their stewards or reps with as much information as possible. In order to help in this process, SEIU Local 2 has created a “Grievance Fact Sheet.”

Grievance Fact Sheet

The “Grievance Fact Sheet” is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can download a copy right here:

This fact sheet is for use by the Union to investigate the grievance. Do not submit this form to your employer.

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