CityTV News Coverage: Workers rally at Queen’s Park for $15 minimum wage

Workers and advocates marched to Queen’s Park in Toronto to say the $11.40 minimum wage, which came into effect on Saturday, wasn’t enough. They’re calling for $15.

Five thousand rally to demand change from the Ontario Government

J4J came out to rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto on October 1st demanding a $15 minimum wage and fairness for workers in Ontario.

Fight for $15 and Fairness October 1st Rally

Do you deserve respect at work? Do you want to see a $15 minimum wage? Do you agree that all of us need at least 7 paid sick days? Do you believe in fair scheduling? Do you want to stop wage theft, regulate temp agencies, or help other workers join a union? Then we need YOU at Queen’s Park on October 1.

SEIU Local 2 marches in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax Labour Day parades

On Monday September 5, 2016, SEIU Local 2 members brought their families and gathered to march in the annual Labour Day Parade.

Join us on Labour Day

Join us Monday!

Video: Mejoras en el convenio 2016-2019 “Toronto City-Wide”

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Video: J4J Toronto 2016-2019 CBA Improvements

This video highlights the improvements made in the most recent Toronto City-Wide negotiations. It covers over 2000 workers and the agreement also sets the stage for negotiations for close to an additional 700 union members. Talks with about a dozen other cleaning companies are under way or will begin shortly.

New Toronto City-Wide CBA Highlights

Our new Toronto City-Wide Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified by the membership on Saturday May 14. Read about the most important improvements won!

Toronto-area janitors ratify new deal

“This is good for my family,” said Olga da Cruz, a member of the bargaining committee. “I’ve never been paid when I’ve sick before. Just like all working families in Toronto, we needed some real improvements and we won them.”

Tentative deal reached for over 2,000 Toronto-Area Janitors, strike averted

Deal is a step forward for working families in Toronto.

Over 2,000 Toronto-Area cleaners in strike position

A fair raise, paid sick days and improved health benefits are some of the basic demands that members of Justice for Janitors have tabled at negotiations with their employers. To date, the cleaning companies have said no, and in fact, have demanded concessions in several areas.

Toronto Janitors Vote for City-Wide Strike

Toronto area janitors packed into the Holiday Inn Downtown Toronto on Saturday April 16th to get an update on city-wide bargaining. The result was an emphatic strike mandate. Over 2,000 cleaners are now in a strike position.

Very Important Meeting

This is THE meeting you can’t miss!

Support Affordable Internet for All

Join ACORN Canada members from coast to coast in the fight for Internet for All!

Inspection blitzes needed to ensure vulnerable workers get paid: Toronto Star Editorial

Inspection blitzes succeed where individual claims don’t in getting workers the pay they’re owed. So why is Ontario’s Ministry of Labour relying on unpaid workers to launch claims?

with Union, Win Concessions from Bosses

Mila Viernes is like many of her compatriots in the oft-ignored world of maintenance staff: she’s a hard worker who balances multiple jobs to keep her family afloat.

Justice at Dream Office REIT Properties

Allegations of labour violations levelled at Dream Office REIT’s cleaning contractors on Bay St. properties in Toronto. Cleaners owed over $47,000 according to legal complaints.

Cleaners return to rally at Dream Office REIT HQ

Janitors and their supporters returned to 30 Adelaide St. E in Toronto to call on Dream Office REIT to ensure the cleaning contractors they hire respect the law. The rally was attended by dozens of people, including Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo. Look for a new Toronto Star article on January 26, 2015.

Former cleaners at Dream REIT Properties continue the fight for justice

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Cleaners and allies in Ottawa rally in solidarity

Ottawa area cleaners and allies rallied at a Dream REIT property in Ottawa in a show of solidarity with Toronto cleaners struggling for justice.