Fight for $15 and Fairness October 1st Rally


Do you deserve respect at work? Do you want to see a $15 minimum wage? Do you agree that all of us need at least 7 paid sick days? Do you believe in fair scheduling? Do you want to stop wage theft, regulate temp agencies, or help other workers join a union? Then we need YOU at Queen’s Park on October 1.

The Queen’s Park Rally is at 1:00 pm, pre-rally contingents start gathering at 12:00 pm (noon).

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Why now?

Since early 2015, the Ministry of Labour has been reviewing our employment and labour laws. And right now, our MPPs are deciding how far they are willing to go to make the legislative changes we need to improve our wages and working conditions. By coming together on October 1 in our thousands, we can help make sure our MPPs have the confidence to stand up to big business and put people before profits.

What can you do?

NOTE: SEIU Local 2 is working with the Fight for $15 & Fairness Coalition on this important event.

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