New Toronto City-Wide CBA Highlights

2016-2019 TOR J4J Highlights

Our new Toronto City-Wide Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified by the membership on Saturday May 14. Building on our previous CBA, below are the most important improvements won.

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The 2,000 plus members covered by the new CBA are part of the Central Janitorial Collective Agreement and employed at Toronto locations by:

  • Alpine Building Maintenance
  • Bee Clean Building Maintenance
  • C&W Services (formerly Unicco/DTZ)
  • Commercial Cleaning Services (formerly Koprash)
  • Compass Canada
  • Hallmark Housekeeping Services
  • And Magic Maintenance

This agreement set the stage for negotiations for close to an additional 700 union members.  Talks have now concluded with about a dozen other cleaning companies, including:

  • Amphora
  • GDI
  • H&W
  • J&A
  • Impact
  • Lexus Cleaning
  • Miracle Maintenance
  • Scandinavian
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Sodexo
  • Topnotch
  • Waterford

Please note that CBAs have been mailed out or distributed at work locations. If you have any questions about the new CBA, please contact your union rep.

* Retro Pay Dispute
There was a disagreement between the union and the employers as to when the first raise of the agreement was to take effect. The union’s position was that the raise should be retroactive to April 1st. The employer’s position was that the raise took effect upon ratification. The collective bargaining agreement was ratified on Saturday May 14th and the employers were notified the next business day (May 16th). The matter went to arbitration and the employers’ position prevailed.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the production of this video, we’ve been able to enhance the benefits by advancing the start date of the improvements in each year from the beginning of the contract year (i.e. April 1st) to the beginning of the calendar year (i.e. January 1st) .

Video en español.

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