GDI Cleaners in Halifax Victorious

Justice for Janitors – From Coast to Coast

Nearly 300 cleaners in Halifax have joined SEIU Local 2. The workers, who are employed by GDI, are excited to join the thousands of other cleaners who have been making improvements through the Justice for Janitors campaign.

GDI cleaners have been struggling to make ends meet with low wages and no benefits for decades, but change is in the air.

Joe Desveaux

“I met an SEIU member working in for GDI in Vancouver. They’ve won benefits,” said Joe Desveaux, a GDI employee in Halifax. “Other SEIU members in Toronto and Montreal employed by GDI also have benefits.  Why don’t we?  If they can do it there, we can do it in Halifax!”

The victory cements J4J as a national movement. In addition to Halifax, there are campaigns in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa. SEIU Local 800 also represents J4J members in Quebec. Altogether, SEIU now represents approximately 12,000 cleaners in Canada.


Next Steps in Halifax

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