A message to workers paying Teamsters dues in Halifax

Join Us and Improve Your Working Conditions

Non-Union OMNI workers in Halifax have been trying to form a Union with SEIU since last summer.

Even though more than 80% of us voted to join SEIU at a Labour Board election in the fall of 2012, the Teamsters and OMNI blocked the certification claiming the Teamsters represented us.  The Teamsters had never spoken to us and we were not covered by any Agreement.

Vote Announced

Now the Labour Board has decided that a ‘run-off’ vote will be held to see who will represent all the OMNI/ Empire/ Novacos/ GDI  workers in Halifax. That includes you, cleaners currently paying dues to the Teamsters.


This is your chance to break free from a subpar agreement and join us in SEIU to negotiate a new Agreement with real improvements.

With SEIU We Have Real Strength

What is Justice for Janitors? 

What’s our history?

What’s the J4J difference?


Unlike the hundreds of non-union workers who have been coming together to join SEIU in Halifax since last summer, this might all be news to you. Here are some questions you might have. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Q:        I’m a member of the Teamsters. Why do I get to vote?

A:        OMNI and the Teamsters refused to recognize the will of the majority of non-union OMNI workers who voted by more than 80% to join SEIU in the fall of 2012. Their manoeuvring led to the ballot box being  sealed until February 6, 2013.

Now the Labour Board has ordered a ‘run-off’ vote which will include both the workers who voted to join SEIU in the fall and the current Teamsters because we  must all be in one bargaining unit.

It’s an incredible opportunity for the current Teamster members to get rid of the current contract and join the movement for real change.


Q:        Won’t we risk losing everything we have if we leave the Teamsters?

A:        No. We will still have a union and we will negotiate a new and improved contract.


Q:        Can the Teamsters renegotiate?

A:        There’s a legally binding agreement in place between OMNI and the Teamsters. The contract goes for almost another five years.


Q:        How does SEIU negotiate contracts?

A:        We, the members, will participate in meetings and fill out surveys to figure out what our bargaining priorities are. We will form worker bargaining committees to negotiate at the table alongside SEIU representatives. And finally, we the members vote to ratify agreements which can only take effect, if a majority of us agree to it.


Q:        I earn above the grid. What will happen to me if I choose SEIU?

A:        Typically when workers form a Union with SEIU our wages don’t go down. We    would demand that you be ‘red-circled’ (ie. maintain your higher wage) and still      receive the same annual wage increases as everyone else.

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